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Our Services

Cut you Cost and Increase your Revenue by Outsourcings your Medical Billing.

Worth Health Care supports a full range of services and can alter our offerings based on the needs of our clients. You can easily focus on medical care as we aim to be the administrative extension of your practice. Many medical professionals who are practicing medicine are motivated by two things, a passion to help people and a desire to make a good profit. It is getting harder for medical physicians now to earn the returns they deserve and expect. If your practice isn’t as fruitful as it should be don’t worry we’re here to help. Our clients deserve a successful practice that proves to be a good living for you and your family. With Worth Health Care on your side, you don’t have to worry or even think about cash flow and accounts receivable.

Our Team

It is very tough to judge whether the people you trust with your medical collections and billings are actually qualified. This is the reason why we hire the most trustable experienced billers and we put the newcomers through a three month of supervised up-to-date training before handling any of our clients. Our experienced team includes:

• Physician Billing group Managed by April Ostendorf – VP & Billing Manager with over 20-years of experience
• Professional Credentialing Managed by Matt Trickett – VP & Credentialing Manager with over 20-years of experience
• A long large local team of US based Professional Billing Specialists

Advisory Board
• Dr. Jamal Taha – Board Member
• Dr. Peter Scheidler – Board Member
• Dr. Mark Vosler – Board Member

The Benefit of Choosing Worth HealthCare
Our services will benefit you in the following manner:
• Reduce Billing Errors & Improves Reimbursements.
• It Saves Money.
• Complete Focus on Clients & Patients.
• Increase Revenue.
• Improves Patient Satisfaction.
• Balances Cashflow
• Ensure Billing Submission.

Our goal is to keep you well-informed of all key financial data to ensure that our clients continue practicing profitably.