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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does Worth HealthCare do?

A: We provide professional billing services to independent physician offices, physician groups, outpatient centers and rural hospitals and hospital networks.

Q2: How information is transmitted between the client and Worth HealthCare?

A: It only depends on the requirement of the client, the information can be sent through courier, email, or a VPN. All the clients have real-time, remote access to their data. We deliver the monthly reports through email. We conduct regular clients meetings to process improvement and review reports.

Q3: What type of HIPPA procedures do you follow?

 A: At Worth HealthCare we are following restricted access to protected health information and security systems are in place. All our staff are trained for privacy.

Q4: Do you provide credentialing services like others?

 A: Yes we do provide credentialing services to our clients, CAHQ maintenance and updates, facility credentialing, and hourly billing in 15 minute increments.

Q5: When a ten do you post claims?

A: We post new claims on daily basis.

Q6: When you submit the claims to insurance companies?

A:  We submit the claims on daily basis.

Q7: What you do about incomplete information of billing?

A: We normally work with a “point person” to obtain all the needed billing information. Other than that if it is related to patient then we call the patient and support in recovering the missing information.

Q8: If the contract is terminated, who has the ownership of data?

A: Client will have the ownership of data.