Our Fee Structure

Billing Services or RCM

The fee structure for our billing services is very simple. We charge either a flat percentage of net (not gross) collections or a monthly retainer fee, which covers every step in the billing process. Please contact us for a proposal.

We look after the billing so you can focus on your practice.

We can improve your cash flow, and give you peace of mind that your billing is being done promptly and correctly.

With billing in-house you face fixed billing costs regardless of productivity. When you outsource to Physician Billing Partners, you only pay us after you get paid.


We charge an hourly fee with detailed reporting when invoicing or a monthly retainer fee. Contact us for a proposal.

Chronic Care Management

For our CCM PC software, we have a nominal setup fee and basic training fee and then we charge a fee based on a small percentage of each CCM fee billed to Medicare or Medicaid. For our mobile iPhone iOS or Droid App, we charge a small monthly per-device fee to maintain the software and then a small fee per qualified CCM event. We make it very affordable and easy to do CCM in your practice.

MIPS, MU, PQRS, Care Management

We charge a one-time fee per provider based on the support, training and managing requested. Contact us for a proposal.

HIPAA Security Assessments and Compliance

We charge an annual assessment fee based on the size of your organization in relation to the number of users, servers and complexity. Contact us for a proposal.